Top Tips for Social Entrepreneurs: Pitch Perfect

It is surprising how many times social entrepreneurs fail to follow the simple steps to a successful and powerful pitch. When you pitch, social investors want solutions, not problems. If they wanted an education on the issue, they could read a report or join a course. You’ve got to demonstrate that your venture not only has the solution but also a savvy and sustainable business model, all within a few fleeting minutes.

It is well known that we don’t like to leave our comfort zones, but repeating the same style and content for every social investment pitch will, as the old saying goes, only lead to one outcome: if we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get the same. So to get new results, new deals, and new investment, we have 10 top tips for all you budding social entrepreneurs- and maybe even the old pros that could use a reminder!

Here they are.

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